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A bit of history

The construction of the "Risarona", insistent between the transparent waters of the Tergola and Rio Tribolo rivers, dates back to the mid-1700s; it is in fact present in the maps of the Napoleonic land register of 1813.





The original structure remained unchanged. The construction consisted of a dwelling with a rustic outbuilding and a barn-stable that resumes the typical shape of the rural buildings used for cattle breeding.
In 2006 the renovation of the building begins to obtain a splendid farmhouse that maintains the charm of the old farmhouse.
The environment surrounding the agriturismo is typical of rice fields. In fact, rice cultivation has remained uninterrupted since 1550. In April-May, when the fields are full of water for the sowing of rice, the landscape takes on a very suggestive lagoon appearance.

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