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Our products
My company was born as a floriculture company. My father, a native of Padua, decided in the 70s to move to Vicenza. During the journeys we drove many times along the main road from Padua to Vicenza and, driving through Grumolo delle Abbadesse, I fixed in my mind the amazement seeing the flooded fields and the old "casone" that were reflected in the waters of the ancient rice fields. Now, to diversify, taking advantage of the experience of the old rice growers in the area, I am trying to give my contribution to the enhancement of this ancient cereal: the rice.
Indeed I produce both Vialone Nano and Carnaroli, unique and niche products for the organoleptic qualities obtained from the type of soil in the area.
Thanks to a vast assortment of traditional and antique fruits, we obtain a discreet production of jams that we offer both for our breakfasts and for sale.
Today the vegetable garden is destined for the production of self-consumption's vegetables.
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