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"Every journey gives you great memories and intense emotions. When we leave we visit places far from home, we meet people who are different in terms of culture and lifestyle, we can discover different languages, curious habits, unusual traditions; traveling opens the mind and the soul ”. (Alessandro Borghese)


"I crossed the seas, I left the city behind me, I followed the springs of the rivers and I immersed myself in the forests. I've never been able to go back, just like a disk can't turn backwards. And what was all this leading me to? At this very moment ”. (Jean-Paul Sartre)


"The world still exists in its diversity. But this has little to do with the illusory kaleidoscope of tourism. Perhaps one of our most urgent tasks is to learn to travel again, possibly in our neighborhood, to learn to see again ". (Marc Augè)


Choosing Veneto as a destination for the journey we intend to begin means traveling in a land where nature, art, history,  food and wine blend together to offer unique and inimitable emotions.

We advise you to visit the official website of the Veneto Region where you will find all the suggestions  and all the advices that can facilitate the visit of our region and our city, Vicenza.

On the website  you will find:

- Venice and its lagoon

- Our mountains: Venetian Prealps and the Dolomites

- Cities of art and surroundings

- Our seas

-The Lake Garda

- The Euganean’s thermal  baths

- The hilly landscape

- Our parks

- The Po and its Delta

You will be advised  on different types of itineraries: from naturalistic ones to cultural ones and then on to food and wine, religious and tourism. You will find proposals for cycling tourism, the main itineraries to do on foot to discover the variety of landscapes that the Veneto and its cities offer, the wide proposal for a "slow tourism" and lastly the Venetian villas that represent an immense unique artistic heritage in the world. Do not miss the evocative journey aboard the Burchiello along the Brenta river that will allow you to see some of the most important Venetian villas and that will lead you to Venice ...

Have a nice trip!!

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